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The symptoms of hallux valgus usually center on the bunion. The bunion is painful. The severe hallux valgus deformity is also distressing to many and becomes a cosmetic problem. Finding appropriate footwear can become difficult, especially for women who want to be fashionable but have difficulty tolerating fashionable footwear. Finally, increasing deformity begins to displace the second toe upward and may create a situation where the second toe is also constantly rubbing on the shoe. Diagnosis Padding and Taping  - Your doctor will show you how to tape and pad your foot to hold it into normal position. These measures reduce stress on the bunion and relieve pain. Hard skin is caused by friction and pressure when the bony parts of your feet rub against your shoes. If you have corns or calluses, see your doctor. Sometimes wearing shoes that fit better or using special pads solves the problem. Treating corns and calluses condition by yourself may be harmful, especially if you have diabetes or poor circulation. Over-the-counter medicines contain acids that destroy the tissue but do not treat the cause. Sometimes these medicines reduce the need for surgery, but check with your doctor before using them. New Bunion Surgery Techniques. Bunions are hard, almost callous-like buildups on the feet. There are many surgical procedures for bunion treatment.bunion hard skin Alternate hot and cold footbath – Prepare a tub of hot water and a tub of cold water. Dip the feet in the hot water bath for about two minutes then plunge them into the cold water bath for about 15 seconds. Repeat this treatment several times, alternating between the hot and cold bath. This method relieves foot discomfort and may also prevent varicose veins. Olive oil massage – Tired feet will welcome a massage but more so with olive oil used as the massage potion, especially if you have extremely dry skin or an allergy to topical lotions or creams. Follow the techniques outlined above to relieve foot pain. Sleeping situation is not getting any better. So tired and my whole body is just sore. I try to do some little workouts from my workout app on my phone to move my body a bit. I love to workout and be active so like I've said before, this whole bed rest thing is frustrating. If you have a child, in my instance I knew I wouldn't be able to bring her to her 15 month checkup so I went to her pediatrician ahead of time and signed off on medical forms giving permission for my parents to bring her to any appointments. Tendons are the cord-like structures that connect muscles to bones. Tendonitis is a general term describing an inflammation of a tendon. Tendonitis often results from overuse rather than an isolated traumatic event although either case is possible. The most common tendons at risk of tendonitis in the foot are the Achilles tendon at the back of the heel, the posterior tibial tendon on the inner side of the foot, the peroneal tendons on the outer side of the foot and the extensor tendons on the top of the foot. Rest and avoidance of repeated stress to the tendon is an extremely important component of treatment for this condition.